Our Services


What We Offer

Bob Pieratt Real Estate can help you sell or find residential, commercial or agricultural property in the Oklahoma Panhandle. We are a full-service real estate agency with exprienced and licensed brokers and real estate associates

Selling Your Property

We can help you sell your property. As your listing agent, we will:

  1. Make recommendations for listing price based on a market analysis
  2. Advertise and market your property in various media outlets and our website
  3. Show your property to prospective buyers
  4. Accept and negotiate offers on your behalf
  5. Provide an estimated net to seller based on sale price prior to closing
  6. Coordinate the closing process

Purchasing A Property

We can help you find a property that meets your needs and budget. As your buying agent, we will:

  1. Make recommendations on properties available for sale that may meet your need
  2. Arrange for and accompany you on tours of properties of interest
  3. Develop, submit and negotiate offers on your behalf
  4. Provide an estimated buyer cost sheet prior to closing and assist with other details necessary for the successful completion of the transaction
  5. Provide information on the closing process

Showing Properties

If you are intersted in seeing any of the properties listed under our agency, we can arrange a showing time and accompany you on those visits. If you are interested in properties listed by other brokers but would like us to make arrangement for showing on those properties, we will gladly do that as well.

Contact us for a free consultation. We will be happy to discuss any of these services with you.